Eddie Arnold Dies

Eddie Arnold

Two days after I posted Eddie Arnold singing Cattle Call — mainly because it was my father’s favorite song and brought back childhood memories — comes the news that Mr. Arnold has died, a few days short of his 90th birthday and a few days after what would have been my father’s 90th. My father would have first heard Cattle Call, recorded in late 1944, a few months after returning from his European tour of duty as a B-24 pilot. I imagine Arnold’s smooth voice — he was known as the Bing Crosby of country music — fell like rain on my Dad’s troubled, drought-ridden soul. As I’ve written before, it was no easy thing to be young and alive in 1944.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I abhor narcissistic blogging, but hearing Cattle Call again has made me nostalgic. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. In the meantime, here is the URL for Eddie Arnold singing Tennessee Stud and Cattle Call.


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2 Responses to “Eddie Arnold Dies”

  1. The Other Blog » Blog Archive » The Other Blog by Bradley Hart Says:

    […] Eddy Arnold, the legendary country music singer died yesterday. For the record Eddie Arnold, despite the popularity of the Google Trend is a very different person. Also Eddy Arnold is not that guy for Green Acres. Green Acres started Eddie Albert, who has been dead since 2005. While I am not a big Eddy Arnold fan I must give him his props for all he accomplished in the music business. Here’s to you Eddy! […]

  2. Flygal16 Says:

    I just found pictures of my parents with Eddie Arnold. That is why I was looking up his name, I was going to see if he was still alive to send him a copy of those pictures. RIP Mr. Arnold

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